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The Fishing Hamlet, is the final location in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


Residing just above the top layer of the Hunter's Nightmare, and invisible from the skies and the ground below. The Fishing Hamlet is well hidden away; it can only be accessed through the usage of The Astral Clocktower.

It is composed of a wide market plaza surrounding a large well, a communal area filled with habitation huts overlooked by a large Lighthouse, a large cave system where the actual fishing occurred, and a beach on the coast.


Being quite possibly the most haunting location throughout both Yharnam and The Nightmare Realm, there are many mysteries surrounding this bizarre land. A place of both great tragedy and horror, it is both known and accepted that this fishing village was where, one day, a Great One washed ashore on one of its beaches. This being, Kos, had already passed away from unknown circumstances beforehand; however, within her remains, she carried two things to this village with her: strange parasites, and a fetus.

Throughout, visitors can observe the various degrees of decay that the sea has wrought upon the village: various barnacles and corals grow all over the walls and floors of the huts, while water from the surrounding ocean has flooded the village in many parts. Perhaps the most profound alteration was to its people: either Kos herself or the parasites that were carried by the beached Great One (perhaps even both) caused drastic changes in the physiology of the Hamlet's villagers, having slowly transformed them into amphibious humanoid hybrids resembling fish and mollusks.

Perhaps the strangest and most haunting aspect of this Hamlet is the series of colossal fallen masts from various shipwrecks floating just above the surface of the waters that surround the village's outskirts. These were likely once used by the residents of The Hamlet themselves until some kind of great and terrible event occurred, long before The Fishing Hamlet was drawn into The Nightmare Realm.

Interesting pieces of information can be found by observing the behavior exhibited by the villagers. Despite their inhuman transformations, they nevertheless appear to pray to Kos, and also seem to be harvesting the parasites she left behind to use as both a primary food source as well as fuel. Evidence for this can be seen in the abundance of barrels around The Hamlet carrying the parasites. Additionally, one can find various explosive oil urns lying about, which the Fishmen pair with firebombs to attack intruders, as well as small candles found throughout the Hamlet, all of which appear to have been made from the parasites themselves.


These are the mutterings around the houses in the Fishing Hamlet.

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  • The oil barrels in this area are considerably more powerful than those in other parts of the game, not to mention that their flames linger on the ground for a while. It is capable of killing Giant Fishmen if they get too close to it.
  • You will receive +4 Insight when discovering the Fishing Hamlet.


  • The Fishing Hamlet and their denizens are heavily inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's "The Shadow Over Innsmouth:" a story where an outsider arrives in a fishing village inhabited by mutated humans who pay tribute to the sea.
  • The Scholars of Byrgenwerth once thought that the Great Ones were linked to the sea. When the carcass of Kos washed up on the Coast, the parasites that once lived inside her poured out of it, and the villagers took it for a sign of kindness from this being, whom they started worshipping as a deity. This caught the attention of Byrgenwerth and they sent hunters to raid the village, and commit mass murder to harvest eyes. Amongst the hunters were Lady Maria, Gehrman, and perhaps Master Willem, Laurence, and Micolash themselves.
    • The parasites are being harvested by the hamlet's denizens for fuel. Many flammable barrels and urns can be seen scattering in the farm, possibly to store up the oil extracted from these parasites.
  • It is possible to see the Hunter's Nightmare within the depths of the fishing hamlet. But since the Hamlet has been long sucked into the nightmare, possibly that there are many layers of dream. And as the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge states "Here we stand, feet planted in the earth, but might the cosmos be very near us, only just above our heads?" This also explain why there is a Snail Woman falling from the sky in Hunter's Nightmare, near the Whirligig Saw.
  • The various shipwrecks found here can also be viewed from The Nightmare Frontier.