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The Eye Collector is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Eye Collectors are repulsive crooked hags that hunt down unfortunate victims in an attempt to forcibly extract their eyeballs. This is presumably in order to elevate themselves to a greater power and granting them access to Arcane magic, or perhaps it holds some relation to the Great Ones.

They often strike from the shadows, which leads to their very strong and inescapable grab attacks.



Eye Collectors are fairly weak enemies. However, they have a strong grab attack where they will attempt to gouge out the player's eyes. This attack can be very damaging, but can be evaded or even countered by striking the Eye Collector while she is lunging, although this is a risky strategy.

They often hide just out of sight and will attempt to grab the player from behind as they attempt to walk past.


  • They can drop the Bloodshot Eyeball material, which likely connects them to the Hemwick Charnel Lane, even if they are only found in Hypogean Gaol.
  • Much like other creatures that have some association with eyes, when they die, they might drop Pebbles.


  • Eye Collectors seem to be weaker variants of The Witch of Hemwick, a more elevated counterpart than the former due to the excessive amounts of eyeballs they possess on their clothing. Because they are not coated in eyeballs like the boss version, they are unable to use magic attacks. However, they are naturally faster than their boss counterparts.