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For the enemy version, see Executioner.

The Executioners are a covenant in Bloodborne.


The Executioners are a group of Hunters with heavy connections to the Healing Church, and were once led by Martyr Logarius, who is now technically deceased. Executioners are the sworn enemies of Cainhurst Vilebloods, and seek only to destroy them to increase their devotion to the cause to achieve the Rank of Martyr.


The lore of the Executioners comes from Alfred as well as the items that are associated with the Executioners. The Executioners were formed after a scholar of Byrgenwerth brought tainted blood to Cainhurst Castle, creating the first of the Vilebloods.

The Healing Church quickly saw the Vilebloods as a major threat to securing their foothold on Yharnam and on the Scourge of Beasts, and claimed that the blood that was given to the nobles was tainted, and a stain on the purity of the Healing Church's blood healing.

It was during that moment that the Executioners were born. The Executioners served as the arm of the Church responsible for eliminating the profane Vilebloods, and a band of those Executioners were lead by a man named Master Logarius. The Executioners were said to have a dedicated workshop, where they crafted the tools necessary to combat the denizens of Cainhurst and the threat they posed to the church. The workshop was very secretive, and a place where Executioners could hone their skills and their fanatical faith in the church and its ideals.


The Executioners loathe the Vilebloods so entirely, that an attempt to Co-operate via the Small Resonant Bell will result in an invasion occurring involuntarily, such is the duty of both Executioners and Vilebloods.

To become an Executioner, complete Alfred's questline, return to the altar where you first met him, and acquire and equip the Rune of Oath Radiance, which can be found on his body.

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  • It is implied that Executioners were the inspiration for the Healing Church Garb.
  • According to the Wheel Hunter Badge, "Martyr Logarius led a band of Executioners, and this badge was crafted at their dedicated workshop." This implies that were many different groups of Executioners that were established under the Healing Church, with Martyr Logarius being responsible for the specific band of Executioners that combated the Cainhurst Vilebloods.