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The Evil Labyrinth Spirit is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Like the name hints, the Evil Labyrinth Spirit is an ethereal enemy that haunts the Chalice Dungeons. It is a female ghost that can be identified by her incessant maniacal laughter, and will be found roaming around the small, decorated rooms with ladders.

Sometimes, they serve as traps in dungeons. They take appearance as a mist. They don't reveal themselves and cannot be agroed and wait until players open chests, catch them off guard and stab them with their daggers, which induce Frenzy.




  • The Evil Labyrith Spirit, along with the Pilgrim and Bound Widow, are of a few ethereal enemies in Bloodborne. As an ethereal enemy, it will take bonus damage from Bolt.
  • It is affected by Righteous damage.
  • Rather than teleporting, when turning invisible, it would seem they simply travel very fast, as they cannot reach you if a door in-front of you is not opened.


  • The Evil Labyrith Spirit can do a very rare attack in which she will shoot a single homing messenger-like ghost at the player, upon shooting the messenger-like ghost she will despawn.
    • The Evil Labyrith Spirit will only use that attack if the player is in her line of sight and if she's stuck on something.
    • Interestingly, the messenger-like ghost that the Evil Labyrith Spirit shoots is almost the exact same as the messenger-like ghosts that the cut Chalice Ghost use.




Bloodborne x3 Evil Labyrinth Spirit Trap