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Edgar, Choir Intelligencer is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Edgar, Choir Intelligencer, as the name suggests, is a member of the Choir, whose mission was likely to spy on the School of Mensis.

He wears the Student Set (capeless) and wields Ludwig's Holy Blade and the Rosmarinus. He also makes use of the Augur of Ebrietas.



Edgar is a powerful Hunter of the Choir. As such, he should be fought with extreme care. His Rosmarinus is very powerful and can whittle down opponents at an incredibly fast rate and he will use it often if players dodge for too long, whereas his Ludwig's Holy Blade is capable of dishing out tremendous amounts of devastating damage in just a couple of swings.

His Augur of Ebrietas is another very hard hitting weapon at his disposal. Not only can it allow him to stop combos and force players to retreat, it can parry players and should Edgar engage in a Visceral Attack, it is unlikely for players to survive.


  • Edgar's Rosmarinus is extremely powerful and can quickly kill players with low health if they are careless.
  • He will use the "Joy" gesture upon killing the player.
  • Players can run past Edgar and go down to where the Mergo's Chief Attendants are found. He will eventually stop chasing the player and return to his starting position, allowing players to then backtrack, approach him slowly and backstab him to make the fight easier.
    • Beware this method though, you must first deal with most of the Nightmare Apostles that you find on your way in, as they will not stop chasing you.


  • Edgar's motives for attacking the Hunter are likely because he has become part of the Nightmare and has lost his sanity. This is implied due to the fact that no creature in the area will attack him, and also because he drops Sedatives, an item often related to those who are becoming insane.
  • It is known that the School of Mensis had parted ways with the Healing Church, and so, the Choir, likely fearing the nature of the secrets of Mensis, sent Edgar to spy on them. As a result, he later got warped into the Nightmare realm as the Mensis Ritual was completed. He's probably wearing the capeless Student Set as a disguise of sorts to infiltrate Mensis.