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Dores is a mentioned character in Bloodborne.


Dores is described in the description of the Graveguard Set as being one of the two scholars who had stayed at Byrgenwerth with Master Willem, as well as the Gate Keeper.


One day, Willem sent Dores and the Gatekeeper into the Chalice Dungeons to attempt to find the eldritch truth. They did, but it drove them insane. But even in their insanity, they were still loyal to Willem. He tasked the Gatekeeper with guarding the entrance to the Forbidden Woods. Dores was tasked with guarding the giant graves, presumed to be the graves of Great Ones.


  • The name "Dores" closely resembles the word fo "pains" in most modern Latin languages, like Portuguese "Dores", Spanish "Dolores" and Italian "Dolore".