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Djura's Disciple
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Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Powder Kegs
Status Deceased
Location Hunter's Nightmare
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Djura's Disciple is an enemy in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


Djura's Disciple is a hostile hunter found in Hunter's Nightmare.

He wields the Gatling Gun and Saw Spear and dons the Charred Hunter Set and Black Hood. He drops the aforementioned Gatling Gun when killed.



Of the three confirmed Powder Kegs - that is to say, of Djura, his ally, and his disciple - Djura's Disciple is the youngest of the trio. Following the incident in Old Yharnam, he, like the others, likely renounced his hunter's vows, though also succumbed to bloodlust and, as such, was taken to the Hunter's Nightmare.

Even here, however, he appears to be protecting the beasts that dwell in the cave that he lurks in, attacking the Hunter should they draw too near.


Djura's disciple can be a hard opponent for low-level players as he can spam his Gatling gun with unlimited ammo and can sporadically heal himself with Blood Vials. If his ranged attacks are blocked by terrain or the players are too close to him, Djura's disciple will switch to his Saw Spear.

It's advisable to fight him inside of the cave, near where he stands guard as the players can use the terrain there to shield themselves from hails of bullets. It's best to fight him near the pillar-like rock formation as the player can run around it to take cover from his ranged attack and then ambush him.

Once the players can close the distance, try to stun-lock him to prevent him from using his Gatling gun. If the players have an Augur of Ebrietas, they can easily knock Djura's disciple off his feet with a single burst and then walk up to him and repeat. Another strategy to stun-lock him is to hit him repeatedly with a fast weapon until half or one-third of the stamina bar, then shoot him 3-4 times repeatedly. He will get stunned by the repeated shots, which will give the player enough time to recover stamina to repeat the process.


  • He drops the Gatling Gun.
  • He will always try to fight the player inside the cave, rarely attempting to step outside.
  • The beasts inside the cave, are of the same type as the ones within Old Yharnam, and much like Djura's Ally, this hunter will not be attacked by them.