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Djura's Ally
Djura's Ally №4
Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Powder Keg Workshop
Drops Bone Marrow Ash×6
Status Alive
Location Old Yharnam
English Voice  
Japanese Voice  
Brazilian Voice  

Djura's Ally is a hostile hunter NPC in Bloodborne.


Djura's Ally is an enemy Hunter NPC who attacks the player in Old Yharnam. He wields a Saw Spear and a Hunter Pistol, and wears the Charred Hunter Set with the Black Hood.



Djura's Ally can be tricky to fight as you have to avoid Djura's Gatling Gun fire, as well as a few Carrion Crows. The most important thing to remember is to avoid Djura's Gatling Gun fire as it will stunlock you and most likely lead to your death, either by itself or with the Ally's help. One should deal with Djura before taking on the Ally.

Kill the beasts and crows around him before taking him on. He can heal twice, and is susceptible to Visceral Attacks.


  • Djura's Ally will not pursue the player past the ladder up leading up to Djura, and should he get this far will immediately attempt to return to his starting point. When this is done, he will prioritize getting back to his starting spot, and ceases to attack anything, even if he is trapped.
    • This can be used to easily kill Djura's Ally if the player is able to trap him in front of himself of an ally, as he will not begin to attack again until he gets back to the courtyard he starts in.


  • He is one of Djura's two companions.
  • He is indeed a Powder Keg Hunter, proven by his attire, the Charred Hunter Set.
  • He is probably the easiest of the two followers of Djura.
  • He will often backpedal into the smoke while trying to shoot you.
  • He has no spatial AI. He will often backpedal into the fire surrounding the area.
  • Even if Djura is befriended, Djura's Ally will still attack you.