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Communion is a Caryll Rune in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

A secret symbol left by Caryll, runesmith of Byrgenwerth. Several runes relate to "blood", including "Communion," which raises the maximum number of blood vials one may carry. This rune represents the Healing Church and its ministers. Blood ministration is, of course, the pursuit of communion.


"Communion" rune. Higher blood vial maximum. (+1 per version)

  • Communion (+1):
    • Cathedral Ward: Through the door on the right of the lamp, climb the elevator, there will be a chest with the rune directly in sight of the player.
  • Communion (+2):
  • Communion (+3):
    • Iosefka's Clinic: Found in a chest in the back of the clinic at the left side of the secret entrance.
  • Communion (+4):
  • Communion (+5):


  • While 20 Blood Vials should be enough at any given time, having the two best Communion runes can provide players the necessary resources to take long excursions of exploration within Chalice Dungeons.
  • Communion runes are very useful for Bloodtinge builds, as weapons such as the Chikage and Bloodletter drain health when using their Blood ATK modes, as well as make the "Blood Bullet" technique to gain 5 additional Quicksilver Bullets (which cannot stack) much less costly as it drains health as well.
  • It is the counterpart to the Formless Oedon rune, which increases Quicksilver Bullet carry capacity.
    • Communion is much better than Formless Oedon for Bloodtinge builds centered around the high consumption of individual Quicksilver Bullets due to the Blood Bullets (such as the use of Simon's Bowblade). If the player equips the three best Communion runes, they will be able carry 12 additional Blood Vials. If the player uses the Blood Bullet technique and replenishes their health in succession, then the player will have access to at least 60 Blood Bullets outside of what can be alotted by the default 20 Blood Vial inventory.


  • This Rune truly represents the Healing Church, as one can clearly compare its symbol with that found in the Hunter Chief Emblem and see how similar they truly are. Not to mention that the elevator that leads to the Research Hall in the Hunter's Nightmare, where players must activate it with the Eye Pendant, seems to represent this perfectly as well.
  • Unlike most other runes, which have 3 versions, this one has 5. Formless Oedon also has 5 versions.