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Coffins and Caskets are an environmental element in Bloodborne.


Similar to statues, coffins and caskets are a visual element that is present in nearly every corner of the world of Bloodborne, in Yharnam and the Chalice Dungeon Labyrinths alike. They create an uneasy atmosphere in most situations, and often reflect the nature of the location players find themselves in.

Most of the coffins found in Yharnam are chained. In Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep, The Child asks the hunter why so many coffins are present across Yharnam. The hunter itself is uncertain but responds with that they may be chained to prevent the infected inside to re-emerge as Beasts. It also suggests that wealthy Yharnamites put chains onto the coffins to avoid the corpses of relatives and loved ones being defiled by the Healing Church's experiments or become the target of the body snatchers.

In also suggested that only the wealthy can afford coffins while the poor are buried in mass graves.


  • Some caskets in the Chalice Dungeons serve as treasure boxes.
  • Wooden coffins laid against the wall might be ambush traps in the Chalice Dungeons.
  • Many of them are destructible, meaning if attacked, they will drain weapon durability. The destructible coffins can be destroyed by rolling into them.