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The Coast, is a location in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


The final location in The Fishing Hamlet, this beach is where the Great One Kos washed ashore long ago. Although she was already dead, from her corpse, strange parasites were found, and inside her womb, a child lived on.

From here, the strange yellow moon may be viewed unhindered, and it casts a gloomy light over the body of the deceased Great One.

The beach itself has a shallow depth and allows most to walk further through most of the area without hindrance from the sea.




  • The arena of this area is far greater than it looks, as the water of the beach is quite shallow, allowing one to traverse further than expected.
  • Beware, as when facing The Orphan, pay attention to the various small branches of trees that are growing around the beach, as they will block your path while attempting to dodge or walk.


  • This location, the final resting place of the Great One Kos, is the one that is the closest to the strange moon that hangs over the skies of the Nightmare.
  • If one attempts to walk out into the waters, you would be eventually met by an invisible wall that prevents you from traversing any further past the shipwrecks.