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Clockwise Metamorphosis

Clockwise Metamorphosis is a Caryll Rune in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

A secret symbol left by Caryll, runesmith of Byrgenwerth.
The twisted cross means "metamorphosis".
Rotated clockwise, this rune boosts HP.
The discovery of blood made their dream of evolution a reality. Metamorphosis, and the excesses and deviation that followed, were only the beginning.


One of the "Metamorphosis" runes. Raises HP.


  • Because it is does not add a fixed amount to a player's HP, but rather an amount based on percentage, it is only really useful if players have a very a high Vitality. Otherwise, it is not as great.
    • It becomes extremely useful in Chalice Dungeons where the "Cursed" Ritual has been applied, or the Defiled Chalice, as those will halve a player's HP to half.
    • Stacking multiple of these runes increases the effect additively.
  • It is essential for players who wish to engage in invasions or cooperations, as all but the host gets a decreased health of about 30%. Equipping the best two variants of the rune will almost negate that problem, and make it easier for invaders or cooperators to defend themselves.


  • It shares a similar symbol with the Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis. The only difference being that the other symbol is mirrored.
  • Interestingly, both this rune, and its counterpart, seem to mislead in how they are named, in contrast to their appearance. They are shaped like a swirling cross, and although their tips appear to point to a direction, the middle rotates towards to the opposite, and it is the middle that reflects the true direction.
    • In this case, the Clockwise Metamorphosis rune's middle is pointing clockwise, whereas the tips of the cross point anti-clockwise.