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Chalice Dungeons are a type of location in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Beneath Yharnam lies an intricate old labyrinth of myriad, endless ruins. By conducting a Chalice Ritual, the seal to the old labyrinth can be broken, allowing you to explore it in the form of Chalice Dungeons.
Select CHALICE RITUAL at a Ritual Altar in the Hunter's Dream, and then select a Holy Chalice and an offering in order to conduct the ritual and unseal a Chalice Dungeon. When using a root chalice, the structure of the unsealed Chalice Dungeon will change each time the ritual is conducted.


Note: Chalice Dungeons are often referred to as an 'old labyrinth' in-game, including Chalice descriptions.

Chalice Dungeons are subsections of an old labyrinth carved out by Pthumerians[1] and known as a tomb of the gods.[2] This title refers to Great Ones, beings that might be described as gods.[3] Pthumerians were superhuman beings, just taking a humanoid form, said to have accessed eldritch Truth[1] of the Great Ones. Early Pthumerians were simple guardians of the Great Ones; it was their descendants who proclaimed a capital and a leader, both known as Pthumeru Ihyll.[4] Oldest of these keepers, still encountered within the Chalice Dungeons, gained an eternal life, yet as an ashen form being a result of a ceremony of flame, cremating both body and soul.[5] City of Yharnam takes its name from Pthumeru's last ruler, Queen Yharnam,[6] residing at the deepest dungeon of Pthumeru Ihyll.

Holy Chalices themselves became objects of worship.[7] They can be used to enter Chalice Dungeon by performing the Holy Chalice ritual, based on satiating a chalice with proper materials, the most basic one being a noncoagulable blood.[8] A few were ever brought to the surface. Pthumeru Chalice became a relic in the Old Yharnam[7][9] in the Church of the Good Chalice. Traces of the Old Ones can be still found in old labyrinth, including their blood[10] and pearl slug-like creatures.[11]

Dungeons laying beneath Yharnam were first explored by tomb prospectors, delegates of the Healing Church. It was then known that a knowledge of the Great Ones lies somewhere within the old labyrinth.[12] Exploration began after an initial encounter with a phantasm, augur of the Great Ones able to partially summon abandoned Ebrietas.[13] Phantasms were discovered through Byrgenwerth's contact with the arcane, but in the end revealed nothing and failed to make contact with the outer reaches of the cosmos.[14][15] It led to the establishment of the Choir and inquiry into the cosmos starting from within the old labyrinth.[13] However, most tomb prospectors were unable to maintain a sanity when confronted with the old knowledge, as it cannot be understood by a simple mind and usually drives one mad.[16][17]

Eventually, the Choir was able to have audience with Ebrietas herself after discovering a Great Isz Chalice. It's known that it was the first Great Chalice brought back to the surface since the time of Byrgenwerth,[18] suggesting some other Great Chalice had already been found. However, this chalice couldn't be thought of as the Choir's own discovery, as its members are continuing the work that began at Byrgenwerth[19] outside it. Only other known Great Chalice is the one providing access to Pthumeru Ihyll. Land of Isz was, according to the Choir, in contact with the cosmos, allowing the Great Ones to function on transcendental planes of thought.[20] Hence, obtaining the Great Isz Chalice was a cornerstone for members of the Choir.[18]

Within an old labyrinth remain proof of Yharnam not being first to be struck with scourge of the beast. Part of the Chalice Dungeons shows what remained of Loran, land devoured by sands after being infected by the scourge.[21] However, just as it was in Yharnam, it is not clear if medical procedures said to be intended to control the scourge weren't the cause of the outbreak.[22] At the time, some have made terrifying extrapolation that Yharnam will be next.[21] Loran must have been lost after, or not so far before, establishment of the Healing Church, as its infamous eccentric Archibald dedicated his life to research on sparks emitted on the hides of the darkbeasts,[23] which were only inhabiting Loran (with the exception of Darkbeast Paarl).


Chalice Dungeons are created by conducting a Chalice Ritual at a Ritual Altar. Performing Chalice rituals consume Blood Echoes and chalice materials. They are optional content; however, there are two Trophies possible to get only through Chalice Dungeons – including the only one Gold Trophy for a boss.

They act like a dungeon-crawler, with enemies, bosses and items often not found in the main story. Some enemies encountered in the main story serve as a bosses in Chalice Dungeons (e.g. Brainsucker, Maneater Boar) and others can be found both as a regular Chalice Dungeon enemy or as a boss (e.g. Keeper of the Old Lords).

Players are able to co-op in Chalice Dungeons and even share their dungeons for others to experience. Sinister Chalices can be used to create PvP-type dungeons.


Including the Short Ritual Root Chalice, there are a total of twenty-six Chalices. There are a total of thirty-five named Chalice Dungeons. Each dungeon consists of labyrinth-like "Layers," with a boss at the end of each layer.

Chalice Dungeons other than Root are fixed – bosses for different layers and loot stay the same. While Root Chalice Dungeons are often said to be randomly generated, their number is in fact limited, but high enough to provide rather unique experiences. The difficulty of the dungeon increases with its depth and rites. It does not change in New Game+.

Design layout[]

While Chalice Dungeons are much varied, they always have 3 lamps and share the same basic pattern, as well as ways of informing the players about path the should take. Basic elements are:

  • Chamber of the Seal - room containing first lamp of the are.
  • Linking Room - enemy-free corridors leading to the main lamp room. Sometimes they have doorways (closed by default) leading to Treasure Room. They are often referred to as pre-lamp side area, pre-area side dungeons etc.
  • Layer lamp room.
  • Main area - doors leading to it are accompanied by yellow lamps. Such lamps also mark doors leading to next main section. Side sections that have already been cleared are marked by blue candles.
  • Lever room - room containing lever required to open main area locked door marked by purple lamps, then changing color to blue. It's usually guarded by strong enemy, like Merciless Watcher, Labyrinth Madman or Labyrinth Warrior, sometimes accompanied by less powerful foes (e.g. Labyrinth Rats).
  • Boss room - separated from main area by a corridor. Sometimes there are doors leading to side area, including treasure rooms (referred to as pre-boss side area/dungeon in guides). Every but the last layer boss room ends in a lift leading to the next layer.

Unique elements found only within Chalice Dungeons are Illusory Walls. They're present in fixed locations in Lower Pthumerian Labyrinth and in random locations in Root Chalice Dungeons.

Traps and hazards[]

The Chalice Dungeons contain many fiendish traps deployed by the Watchers and the Pthumerians, an advanced civilization of distant past. These traps and hazards are designed to repel and kill off tomb raiders. However, experienced tomb raiders can exploit these traps and hazards to benefit themselves.

Additional Rites[]

When the player performs a chalice ritual to create a Root Chalice Dungeon, they can perform Additional Rites that will make the challenge greater while also increasing the rewards:

Fetid Offering[]

"Invigorates the Watchers, making them more treacherous than normal, but also making them worthy prey for a special hunt."

  • Requires Sage's Wrist or Sage's Hair.
    • A red aura appear on several enemies that boost its owner stats.
    • Increases blood echoes when slain and increases number of items dropped by enemies.
    • Enemies gain Rally potential stat, recovering their HP upon attacking the player.

Rotted Offering[]

"Beckons ungodly forces, normally terrifying things, but also worthy prey for a special hunt."

Cursed Offering[]

"Defiles dungeons in which hunters' HP is greatly eroded, but what better place to seek cursed blood gems but in the midst of defilement?"

  •  Requires Bastard of Loran.
    • Blood Echoes rewards increased by 20%, Increased drop rate for rare items like Materials and Blood Gems.
    • All enemies will drop "Cursed" Blood Gems (go to Blood Gems to learn more).
    • The player suffers by having one half of their normal health.
    • You get a hidden 100 bonus Item Discovery.

Siniser Chalices[]

This is a special kind of rite, as this actually comes in the form of their own chalices, instead of being on the side when making a normal root dungeon. These Chalices will only come in the form of root chalices, there aren't any preset Siniser Chalices.

  • Siniser Chalices require Arcane Haze along with the normal Chalice Dungeon materials to make.

False and Reverse depth dungeons[]

False Depth[]

False depth chalice dungeons are save edited dungeons that allow quick access to Fetid Rotted Cursed (FRC) dungeons without going through all the other lower depth dungeons such as the Cursed and Defiled Chalice; all it requires is the Pthumeru Root Chalice. The enemies in this chalice are depth 5 difficulty, and the obtainable items in these dungeons include high-tier Blood Gems, chalice materials, Runes and Lost/Uncanny variants of weapons.

Reverse Depth[]

Reverse depth is the opposite of false depth; it's depth 1 difficulty and gives low tier blood gems, but the pay off is Blood Stone Chunks and Blood Rocks. It requires a depth 5 chalice. Luckily there is a False Depth for getting a Sinister Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice. The bosses for Reverse depth are Pthumeru Root Chalice.

It is not recommended to do this on your first playthrough.

Chalice Dungeon list[]

Pthumeru Chalice Dungeons[]

Chalice Dungeon Chalice Depth Icon
Chalice Bosses
Pthumerian Labyrinth
1 Pthumeru Chalice
Pthumeru Root Chalice
Layer 1: Undead Giant
Layer 2: Merciless Watchers and Chieftain
Layer 3: Watchdog of the Old Lords
Central Pthumeru Chalice
Central Pthumerian Labyrinth
2 Central Pthumeru Chalice
Central Pthumeru Root Chalice
Layer 1: Beast-possessed Soul
Layer 2: Keeper of the Old Lords
Layer 3: Pthumerian Descendant
Lower Pthumeru Chalice
Lower Pthumerian Labyrinth
3 Lower Pthumeru Chalice
Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice
Sinister Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice
Layer 1: Merciless Watchers and Chieftain
Layer 2: Undead Giant
Layer 3: Rom, the Vacuous Spider
Layer 4: Bloodletting Beast

Cursed and Defiled Root Chalice
Cursed Pthumerian Defilement

4 Cursed and Defiled Root Chalice
Defiled Chalice
Layer 1: Keeper of the Old Lords
Layer 2: Watchdog of the Old Lords
Layer 3: Amygdala
Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice
Pthumeru Ihyll
5 Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice
Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice
Sinister Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice
Layer 1: Pthumerian Descendant
Layer 2: Bloodletting Beast
Layer 3: Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen

Hintertomb Chalice Dungeons[]

Chalice Dungeon Chalice Depth Icon
Chalice Bosses
Hintertomb Chalice
2 Hintertomb Chalice
Hintertomb Root Chalice
Layer 1: Maneater Boar
Layer 2: Undead Giant
Layer 3: Blood-starved Beast
Lower Hintertomb Chalice
Lower Hintertomb
3 Lower Hintertomb Chalice
Lower Hintertomb Root Chalice
Sinister Hintertomb Root Chalice
Layer 1: Brainsucker
Layer 2: Forgotten Madman
Layer 3: Pthumerian Elder

Loran Chalice Dungeons[]

Chalice Dungeon Chalice Depth Icon
Chalice Bosses
Ailing Loran Chalice
Ailing Loran
4 Ailing Loran Chalice
Ailing Loran Root Chalice
Layer 1: Beast-possessed Soul
Layer 2: Blood-starved Beast
Layer 3: Abhorrent Beast
Lower Loran Chalice
Lower Loran
5 Lower Loran Chalice
Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice
Sinister Lower Loran Root Chalice
Layer 1: Loran Silverbeast
Layer 2: Abhorrent Beast
Layer 3: Loran Darkbeast

Isz Chalice Dungeons[]

Chalice Dungeon Chalice Depth Icon
Chalice Bosses

Great Isz Chalice
Isz Gravestone

5 Great Isz Chalice
Isz Root Chalice
Sinister Isz Root Chalice
Layer 1: Brainsucker
Layer 2: Celestial Emissary
Layer 3: Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos


There is a boss room at the end of each layer. Tomb prospectors must kill the boss to explore deeper depth.

The following is a list of Chalice Dungeons bosses:

Blood Gem tiers[]

Blood gem quality, or tier rating, is affected by chalice dungeon "Depth".

Depth 1 - Tiers 4-8   (up to tier 5 from normal enemies)
Depth 2 - Tiers 5-10   (up to tier 7 from normal enemies)
Depth 3 - Tiers 7-12   (up to tier 9 from normal enemies)
Depth 4 - Tiers 11-16   (up to tier 13 from normal enemies)
Depth 5 - Tiers 15-20   (up to tier 17 from normal enemies, 18 as treasure, 19 from layer bosses, and 20 from dungeon bosses)




Concept art[]


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