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The Central Yharnam Kennels are an unmarked location in Bloodborne.


A hidden path in Central Yharnam, the Central Yharnam Kennels are a small area hidden close to the Central Yharnam Sewers; accessible via dropping down from the Great Bridge or breaking the barrels close to the first Huntsman's Minion encountered. The kennels are home only to several Rabid Dogs, with some locked in cages and others that have broken free, though the Lonely Old Dear lives nearby, with the Central Yharnam Sewers located shortly past her. Before crossing the bridge to the Lonely Old Dear's house, one may turn left to find one Rabid Dog close to a body holding one Coldblood Dew (3).

Should one turn back from the kennels and walk up the stairs leading to a dead end, or drop down from the Great Bridge, there is a body with one Coldblood Dew (1). Past the stairs are two routes: heading right leads to two Huntsman's Minions and an elevator later used to access the bridge following the Central Yharnam Sewers; while heading forward leads to a dark, two-storey house, inhabited only by three Huntsmen and one Wheelchair Huntsman. A body holding two Pungent Blood Cocktails can be found in front of the Wheelchair Huntsman, though taking it will initiate an ambush by the aforementioned huntsman. Upstairs, two Huntsmen lie in wait to ambush the one who takes the Coldblood Dew (1) on the body. Heading out of the door upstairs will take one to another Huntsman and the Great Bridge.

On the first floor of the house, heading through the second door will take one to another Huntsman as well as two sets of stairs, which lead to a gate that can be opened to create a shortcut to the Central Yharnam lamp. At the base of the stairs, outside of the house, one can turn right to find the two Huntsman's Minions, allowing one to entirely bypass the house should they wish to.