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The Celestial Child is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Celestial Children are small, slug-like creatures with no visible eyes, and strange growths covering their faces. They have a small pair of wing-like appendages on their back.

They slightly resemble Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos, suggesting there might be a connection between them.

They are one of the few Kin in Bloodborne. This means that Bolt and Thrust attacks are quite effective.


Celestial Children are usually docile until threatened and can be ignored if the player wishes. They move very slowly and are only capable of attacking at close range with head butts and bites. However, their attacks cause an alarming amount of Frenzy buildup and can easily kill the player if underestimated.

With enough Insight, their attacks will inflict Frenzy almost instantly, so it is advisable to have Sedatives ready.


  • They can drop Madman's Knowledge, but it is extremely rare. So rare that players may never see it drop from them, unless they farm them for quite a long while or by mere chance.
  • Arianna will give birth to a non-hostile Celestial Child once the player defeats Micolash, Host of the Nightmare.


  • It's implied that they are either the result of the Choir experimenting on Orphans or the result of the Great Ones impregnating humans.
  • In the Upper Cathedral Ward, just after the left of the main gate, from the Lamp, there will be a roaming group of "friendly" Celestial Children. Once they reach the end of the rail in that path they will begin "praying", while facing the Lumenflower Gardens.
  • It is possible that they are the result of the Choir trying to give Ebrietas a surrogate child to make her stop mourning.