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The Cainhurst Vilebloods is a covenant in Bloodborne.


An oath can be pledged to Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods, in order to become a member of the Cainhurst Vilebloods.



The majority of the lore regarding Cainhurst and the Vilebloods comes from Alfred, an executioner fanatic. Given that the executioners and the Vilebloods are mortal enemies, and the way Alfred brutally and maniacally murders Annalise if he is sided with, much of what Alfred says regarding the Vilebloods is clearly biased and may not truly be substantiated, setting forth the notion that the Vilebloods may have been simply more victims of the Healing Church's thirst for power.

In the distant past, the nobles of Cainhurst without a doubt held the highest position in the society. Some Vilebloods, such as Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower and the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst are familiar to the act of quickening, a technique invented by Gehrman, the First Hunter, which suggest they were both students of Byrgenwerth.

After the discovery and wide usage of the old blood, the Vilebloods took part in the hunt of the beast, which entailed the blood transfusion. The exceeded usage of blood amongst Yharnamites helped the Healing Church rise in power, and that bothered the nobles of Cainhurst.

After a scholar betrayed his fellows at Byrgenwerth and brought old blood back with him to Cainhurst Castle, the Church claimed that the blood that was brought to Cainhurst was forbidden and spread the rumor that the Vilebloods threatened the purity of the Church's blood healing, and the Vileblood themselves had become fiendish bloodthirsty creatures. They then waged a war against the nobles of Cainhurst Castle.

The Vilebloods were slaughtered, and only a handful of them successfully fled to Yharnam. The Executioners did not spare anyone, man and woman were slaughtered alike. The women were bound and had their throats slit, and some were beheaded. Up to now, their vengeful spirits still mourn over their death. Once noble, the Bound Widows are reasonable enough not to attack the passer-by. The passers-by can take shelter in their castle from the Bloodlicker outside. However, they will attack the looters who raid their dead bodies.

The Church won that day, but as Alfred the Executioner stated, they had suffered many losses. Logarius, head of the Executioners, became the reluctant jailer of the Undead Queen. The Church could not occupy the castle so they destroyed the road to it and over time, the castle's location became unknown, even to most servants of the church.


By equipping the Oath Memory Caryll Rune, Corruption, the Hunter is able to collect Blood Dregs by defeating other hunters (including adversarial online players). Blood Dregs can be given to Annalise for a certain reward, and a PvP leaderboard rank.



  • The Vileblood Register allows the Hunter to see names of other players who have pledged their oath to the Cainhurst Vilebloods.


  • In the Japanese version, the Vilebloods refer to themselves as "The Blood Kin of Cainhurst (カインハーストの血族)".
    • '血族' means a blood-relative (e.g. a brother, mother etc.) In this instance, a more literal meaning to '血 (blood)' may be inferred.
  • Cainhurst is, interestingly, the only covenant with a surviving (even immortal) leader. All other covenant oath rune givers die or disappear.
    • This applies even including the DLC covenants, making it plausibly deliberate.




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