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Cainhurst Badge
Cainhurst Badge
Pledge allegiance to the Cainhurst Vilebloods

The Cainhurst Badge is a key item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Badge of the royal guards of Cainhurst, loyal guardians of the Vileblood Queen Annalise.
The Vilebloods are hunters of blood, and hunt prey as they search for blood dregs. The hunter who joins them is faced with a decision: to merely borrow their strength, or to become one of them, heart and soul.



The following items can be purchased from the Bath Messengers:


  • This is a badge that is absolutely necessary to obtain for players who have Bloodtinge builds, unless The Old Hunters DLC has been bought.


  • This badge features the Cainhurst coat of arms. It can be found throughout Forsaken Cainhurst Castle, on the stagecoach the player boards to get there, and even on the Obelisk where said stagecoach arrives, at Hemwick Charnel Lane.
  • It adds a clapping Messenger that lies down to the Bath's edge, behind and off to left of the original Messenger of the Bath Messenger. Interestingly, this new Messenger follows the player with its gaze, turning his head to face him, just like the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge and Spark Hunter Badge.
  • The Japanese name for this badge is 'カインの証', essentially meaning 'Cainhurst Badge' or 'Mark of Cainhurst' except 'hurst' is dropped from 'Cainhurst' so it would just be 'Cain Badge' or, funnily, 'Mark of Cain'.
    • All the other badges, in Japanese, have '狩人' in their name, the Cainhurst Badge is the only one that does not have it, '狩人' meaning 'Hunter'.