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Byrgenwerth is a location in Bloodborne.


Beyond the Forbidden Woods, past the Forbidden Grave, stands Byrgenwerth College, a research building of older times, from times pre-dating the Healing Church's existence and political power.

Overlooking a lake, the building stands serenely as if gazing the reflection of the moon. This is a place of higher learning, of teachings most obscure that delve into the mysterious secrets of the Chalice Labyrinths, the Arcane knowledge of the Cosmos and the Great Ones that inhabit it.



Byrgenwerth is the name of both the building and the institution that began the study of human transcendence, some members of Byrgenwerth went on to establish the Healing Church with Laurence at the helm, while Master Willem, the founder of the Byrgenwerth Scholars remained quietly by lake in his rocking chair, gazing at the moon in wonder.







  • It is a good idea to bring weapons that can deal either Thrust or Bolt damage, seeing as there are only Kin enemies in this area.


  • Byrgenwerth has a unique moon phase that never changes, even after killing Rom.
  • Something most players never notice is that the chandelier inside the building of Byrgenwerth is actually just an enlarged model of the Lunariums one can find on the ground level near the desk, glued to the ceiling. It is decorated with candles to brighten the area. It is also unbreakable.
  • Master Willem cultivated eyes on the cerebral patients here to study about the Great Ones.
  • Byrgenwerth was an old place of learning. Its scholars were the first to study the Great Ones.