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boss is a powerful, non-respawning enemy in Bloodborne. Bosses are easily identified, as their name and HP are displayed on screen. Every area in the game has at least one boss, though some can have more.

Though players are required to fight most bosses in order to progress through the game, some bosses are completely optional. Bosses in the DLC are optional.

List of Bosses[]

Central Yharnam[]

Cathedral Ward[]

Old Yharnam[]

Hemwick Charnel Lane[]

Forbidden Woods[]


Yahar'gul, Unseen Village/Hypogean Gaol[]

Nightmare Frontier[]

Nightmare of Mensis[]

Upper Cathedral Ward[]

Forsaken Cainhurst Castle[]

Hunter's Dream[]

Hunter's Nightmare[]

Research Hall[]

Fishing Hamlet[]

Asterisks (*) signify an optional boss.

Two asterisks (**) signify a boss in The Old Hunters DLC.

Chalice Dungeon Bosses[]