Report all acts of vandalism in progress here. The purpose of this page is to provide users a means to report ongoing acts of vandalism to the administrative staff so they can be dealt with. All instances of vandalism, trolling, abuse, harassment, or inter-user conflicts should be reported for administrative consideration.


To add a vandal to this list, edit the "Reports" section and replace "Example" with the name or IP address of the vandal in question. To specify the page being vandalized, add an additional pipe after the vandal's name. To further elaborate on why this user is being reported, add an additional pipe after the page name.

For example: {{CVU|<Username>|<page=Pagename>|<reason=Optional reason>}}

Valid Reporting

Before reporting a user, consider if the user had malicious intent. Consult the Wiki Good Faith Policy before determining if acts should be considered as vandalism. Such acts as "edit wars" and disagreements on the content of articles are not vandalism. Should such conflicts be unable to be resolved personally, they should be brought directly before an administrator.


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