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Not to be confused with Chat Moderators.

Moderators are users on the Wiki who are responsible for maintaining and upkeep of the Forums through use of their powers to keep threads clean.

Abilities and Duties

On the Forums, Moderators are able to:

  • Close, reopen, remove and restore threads
  • Remove and restore replies
  • Highlight and un-highlight threads
  • Move threads between boards
  • Manage boards (edit names, descriptions and order)

On Message Walls, Moderators are able to:

  • Close, reopen, remove and restore threads
  • Remove and restore replies

Who are this Wiki's Moderators?

Becoming a Moderator

In order to become a Moderator, a user should speak with an active Bureaucrat or Administrator and tell them they wish to be promoted to Moderator. If the user is deemed fit by the Bureaucrat or Administrator, the user in question will be voted on by the community on the Forums, saying whether or not they believe the user should become a Moderator.

What can't Moderators do?

Moderators can't use their abilities to remove messages from users for no reason, or for petty reasons such as personal disdain or things of the like. If a Moderator is suspected to have abused their power, an Administrator or Bureaucrat will intervene, review what occurred, and decide whether or not abuse of power took place. In most cases, users found in abuse of power will have their Moderator abilities stripped from them.

Suggestions for Promotion

The following list will give a few things users should try to accomplish before applying to become a Chat Moderator. These things do not make it a definite promotion, but they will certainly help:

  • Participate on as many of the Wiki's Forum Boards as possible.
  • Attempt to deescalate situations in the Forums if discussions get heated.
  • Do not get involved in, instigate, or be provoked into participating in a flame war.
  • Make attempts to be involved in aspects of the Wiki other than the Forums, such as editing or the chat.