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Not to be confused with Moderators.

Chat Moderators are members of the Wiki's Staff who are given the responsibility to maintain the Wiki Chat by enforcing the Chat Rules through kicking or, if necessary, banning users who are uncooperative with the rules.

Abilities and Duties

Chat Moderators are able to perform the following actions:

  • Kick unruly or otherwise disruptive or rule breaking users.
  • Ban users if deemed necessary.
  • Warn users who are breaking rules

Chat Moderators must:

  • Be able to settle disputes
  • Be unbiased while making decisions in chat
  • Be welcoming to all new users

Who are this Wiki's Chat Moderators?

Becoming a Chat Moderator

If a user wishes to become a Chat Moderator, they should speak to an active Bureaucrat or Administrator, and tell that Bureaucrat or Administrator why they're fit for the position, and why they wish to become a Chat Moderator. If deemed fit by the Bureaucrat or Administrator, the user in question will be suggested for promotion by the Administrator or Bureaucrat, and the community will vote on whether or not the user becomes a Chat Moderator.

What can't Chat Moderators do?

Chat Moderators may never use their granted powers to kick or ban users without reason, or with a faulty or obviously biased reason. Any Chat Moderator who is found to be doing this will be considered in abuse of their power, and the case will be reviewed by an Administrator or Bureaucrat and, if found in abuse of power, the user will lose their Chat Moderator rights.

Suggestions for Promotion

The following list will give a few things users should try to accomplish before applying to become a Chat Moderator. These things do not make it a definite promotion, but they will certainly help:

  • Be active in chat, try to join at least once a day.
  • Be friendly to everyone, even if they seem to be in a bad mood or are acting rude.
  • Do not start drama or flame other users at any point.
  • Do not get yourself kicked constantly, or banned.
  • Contribute to discussions and offer help to new users.