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Blood of Adeline
Blood of Adeline
Max No. Held 1
Max Stored -
Usage Type Finite
QS Bullet Use QS Bullet Use -
Attribute Bonus
Strength - Skill - Bloodtinge - Arcane -
Attribute Requirement
Strength - Skill - Bloodtinge - Arcane -
Given to the player by Saint Adeline after the player gives her one Brain Fluid.

The Blood of Adeline is a consumable item in The Old Hunters DLC.


In-Game Description

Blood taken from Adeline, patient of the research hall. Restores HP, then continues to rejuvenate HP for some time.
Adeline was originally one of the Blood Saints who received treatment by the Church to cultivate worthy blood. Adeline's was one of the few cases that turned out favorably.



  • Restores 50% HP.
  • HP continues to recover for a small amount for 10 seconds.



  • Unlike the Blood of Adella or Blood of Arianna, the Blood of Adeline appears to be much clearer and brighter in color.
  • The lid of the vial holding the blood appears to resemble the "flange" of a hypodermic needle (the part that is used to press the plunger).
    • It appears to represent a waning moon of sorts. Perhaps a symbol that she was closer to higher beings.