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Blood Stone Shard
Blood Stone Shard

A Blood Stone Shard is a material in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

A solid shard that forms in coldblood.
After death, a substance in the blood hardens, and that which does not crystalize is called a blood stone.
At the workshop, these bloodstones are embedded in weapons to fortify them.



Blood Stone Shards are used to upgrade weapons to +1 > +2 > +3. This can be done by choosing "Fortify Weapon" at the Workshop, in the Hunter's Dream.

  • Upgrading a weapon to +1 unlocks the 1st Blood Gem Imprint slot.
  • Upgrading a weapon to +3 unlocks the 2nd Blood Gem Imprint slot.



  • This material is the spiritual successor to Dark Souls' Titanite Shard, an upgrading material for the first levels of a weapon or Armor set.
  • The clotting process, also known as coagulation, changes blood from a liquid to a solid.