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Bestial Hunter
Bestial Hunter main
Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Oto Workshop
Status Deceased
Location Hunter's Nightmare
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The Bestial Hunter is an enemy in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


This Hunter wears nothing but the Old Hunter Trousers, as the bulk of his visual appearance is defined by the Beast Claw and the Beast's Embrace Oath Memory Caryll Rune.

As soon as he sees a player, he will always roar and charge at them.


  • Hunter's Nightmare:
    • Near the river of blood there are darklit houses. By going left on the one where the Boom Hammer is located, one can find a series of alleys. The Bestial Hunter is at the end of them.


The Bestial Hunter is a rather strong encounter for most players.

He is fast, swift, hard hitting and very unpredictable with its moves, not to mention his attacks pack quite the punch.

Because of this, weapons that are fast, and with range are recommended to fight him.

He also dodges a lot of projectiles and ranged attacks made against him, so it might be better to stick with melee.


  • He drops the Firing Hammer Badge.
  • Because he is wielding the Beast Claw, and Beast's Embrace, there is no sure way to know if he is in fact wearing any attire pieces in either arms or head.
  • He never fights with a firearm nor will he use the untransformed mode of the Beast Claw.


  • The fact that this hunter is holding the Firing Hammer Badge, makes him at least as old as Djura himself. Perhaps he is even one of the original members of the Oto Workshop, the precursor to the Powder Kegs.
  • The area where he is found is the Hunter's Nightmare version of Gilbert's house.
    • This is an interesting fact as Gilbert himself loses himself to scourge, and once he is slain in its beastly form, he drops a beast-themed rune, Clawmark (2).
  • The Bestial Hunter is a fascinating mystery as he ties down two interesting names together. Because of his weapons and rune, and because of what he drops, it is likely that Irreverent Izzy is or was associated with the Powder Kegs, and that some of his knowledge or philosophy regarding beasts could have possibly been passed through Djura.