The Transformation bar.

Beasthood is a stat in Bloodborne.


Transformation status can be obtained by consuming a Beast Blood Pellet or using the transformed version of Beast Claw, and is further enhanced by some attires.

When Transformed, a bonus to physical attack is received, with a penalty to all defenses. The Transformation bar will fill up as attacking persists. The higher the bar, the higher the attack bonus and defense penalty.

  • The Insight value a player has will directly decrease his/her Beasthood bar.
  • Slower, heavier attacks fill the Transformation bar faster than a flurry of lighter attacks.
  • Hitting multiple enemies will increase the bar faster.

Levels of Beasthood

The Transformation bar's length is dependent on how high the Beasthood stat is, and the Beasthood buff will cap at a value of 300. Further increases to the Beasthood bar will only aid in keeping it at that capped value until it virtually starts declining once more.

  • 1 Beasthood- +20% damage / -20% defense
  • 25 Beasthood- +30% damage / -30% defense
  • 50 Beasthood- +40% damage / -40% defense
  • 100 Beasthood- +50% damage / -50% defense
  • 200 Beasthood- +60% damage / -60% defense
  • 300 Beasthood- +70% damage / -80% defense


  • The Beast Claw, when used with both hands, will place players under a permanent state of Beasthood.
    • While the player has the Beast's Embrace combined with the Beast Claw, it places them under the same effect regardless of weapon state. It also has an increased boost in Beasthood gained when attacking, compared to without the Beast's Embrace.
  • The runes Beast and Beast's Embrace will increase the Beasthood stat, giving a larger bar.
  • Different attires will affect Beasthood. The best are the Ashen Hunter Garb with every other piece of Brador's Set.
  • To achieve the highest Beasthood possible, players should equip Brador's Testimony, Ashen Hunter Garb, Bloodied Arm Bands, Bloodied Trousers, Beast's Embrace, and all three Beast runes. Lowering the amount of Insight will also increase beasthood.


  • The fact that Insight will decrease Beasthood, from a lore perspective, makes sense as Insight is seen as a pursuit of knowledge, while Beasthood is the submission to beastly instinct.
  • When players enter the Beasthood state through Beast Blood Pellets or Beast Claw, they gain a curious aura, one that resembles both steam and sweat in a sickly pale color.
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