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The Beast Patient (male) is an enemy in Bloodborne.


The male Beast Patients resemble the Huntsmen in an advanced state of the beast scourge, their transformation completed, with a werewolf-like, thin and elongated body that is covered in bandages and ripped cloth, exposing their fur. Their minds have fully succumbed as they now hunt for the blood of humans.

As their name implies, they are Beasts, "True" Beasts, and as such they are sensitive to Fire damage, Serration, and "Beasthunter" Blood Gems (Atk vs Beasts UP).



They are amongst the simpler enemies in the game. They will mostly rush the player in great numbers and proceed to try to kill the players. They will sometimes try to surround them as well and often with the female Beast Patients.

Aside from it, they are quite mindless and can be slain quite easily as they have very low health.


  • There is a female variant of this enemy.
  • They are extremely afraid of fire emitted by the Torch/Hunter's Torch. Using them can provide breathing room for Hunters if they are being outnumbered.
  • After the Blood Moon rises, Gilbert will transform into a Beast Patient.


  • Their dead bodies can be seen at the beginning of the game in Central Yharnam, crucified by the Yharnamite Huntsmen.
  • They seem to be amongst, if not the weakest type of "True" Beasts, in-game, relying mostly on the element of surprise, or strength in numbers. This is evidenced both in Old Yharnam and in Ailing Loran, where they are the most common enemy.
  • They have an interesting resemblance to the Silverbeasts. The Silverbeasts appear to be a much older version of them.