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The Beast Patient (female) is an enemy in Bloodborne.


The female Beast Patients appear to have a rather feral appearance, but are interestingly almost entirely devoid of the thick hair, unlike most beasts. Instead, their bodies are grey in coloration and have extremely short fur. They have large talons and fangs, and they also wear bandages and a type of shroud, covering their heads, which allows them to hide in vegetation.

They also have the distinct and interesting ability of being able to inflict Slow Poison to players with their attacks.

Additionally, there is a larger version of this enemy that roars to rally the Beast Patients around it. These larger variants appear to be almost like matriarchs within the groups of beasts.

As their name implies, they are beasts, "True" Beasts, and as such they are sensitive to Fire damage, Serration, and "Beasthunter" Blood Gems (Atk vs Beasts UP).



Their strength resides mostly in numbers, but beware as they are more resilient and powerful than their male counterparts, while also inflicting Slow Poison. On earlier levels, players will likely get poisoned in 3 or less than 3 hits from their attacks.

The larger ones are much more troublesome due to their further increased damage and health, not to mention that they can loudly screech to alert any nearby Beast Patients.


  • There is a male variant of this enemy.
  • They are extremely afraid of fire emitted by the Torch/Hunter's Torch and can provide breathing room for Hunters if they are being outnumbered.
  • The ones in Old Yharnam can drop a Fool's Blood Gem.


  • Definitely a more dangerous opponent than their male counterparts.
  • They seem to be amongst the weakest type of True Beasts, in-game, relying mostly on the element of surprise, or strength in numbers. This is evidenced both in Old Yharnam and in Ailing Loran, where they are the most common enemy.
  • Curiously, the female Beast Patients appear to be going down the path of becoming Blood-starved Beasts. Like them, they have a distinctive lack of thick fur, rely mostly on their talons for dealing with prey, have grab-attacks that involve biting opponents, have a slender body and most evidently, they deal Slow Poison with their attacks.
  • They are one of the few types of beasts that don't have fur.
  • In the first version of Bloodborne, the large female Beast Patients in the Loran dungeons didn't wear a shawl.