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Beast's Embrace
Dropped by Laurence, the First Vicar

Beast's Embrace is an Oath Memory Caryll Rune in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


In-Game Description

After the repeated experiments in controlling the scourge of beasts, the gentle "Embrace" rune was discovered.
When its implementation failed, the "Embrace" became a forbidden rune, but this knowledge became a foundation of the Healing Church.
Those who swear this oath take on a ghastly form, and enjoy accentuated transformation effects, especially while wielding a beast weapon.



"Beast's Embrace" rune. Accentuate the transformation effects of inner beasthood.

  • Temp. boost to transform +15.
  • Unlocks a new moveset for the Beast Claw and gives the player a feral movement animation, as if player had indeed turned into a mindless, savage beast.
  • Equipped Hand and Head pieces of attire will not be shown in the player model.
  • Grants both female and male character models the same bestial form, with greyish brown skin and the thorax becomes almost exposed as if the character has gone through severe famine. The head assumes a threatening expression with fangs and large flowing hair that spreads into the character's back and into the left arm (like a mane), while the right forearm will exhibit smaller hair.


  • Beast's Embrace is one of the only two Oath Memory Runes that serve for players to transform their bodies, and change the moveset of a weapon. The only other existing one is Milkweed.
  • One of the three beast-themed runes. The others are Beast and Clawmark.
  • Some garbs that shows skin (a good example being the Noble Dress) overides the normal look and makes it look human


  • The rune resembles a beast's claw, except it curls on itself, like it is "embracing" itself.
  • When naked, the player resembles an early stage of development of the Cleric Beast.
  • When transformed into the beast, and using the transformed claw weapon, it could be extrapolated to have similarities to the build of the Cleric Beast (with the chest being similar and the left arm having a giant hairier arm being two notable shared traits). Given that the rune is dropped by Laurence, an identical beast, one could surmise that his transformation was caused by the rune, or was an attempt to return him to humanity or sanity, post transformation.
  • The Bestial Hunter in the Hunter's Nightmare is found using this rune.