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Bastard of Loran
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The Bastard of Loran is a material in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Special Material used in a Holy Chalice ritual.
Remains of Loran infant infected by the scourge. A harbinger of curses and symbol of defilement.
The additional rite Curse defiles dungeons in which hunters' HP is greatly eroded, but what better place to seek cursed blood gems but in the midst of defilement?


  • Found in Chalice Dungeons, usually as rewards from chests.
  • Can be drop by Silverbeasts (Only Silverbeasts encountered in the chalice dungeons can drop Bastards of Loran)
  • In NG+, can be bought from the Insight Bath Messengers with 7 Insight.




  • It is unknown why it is called a "Bastard", though it is possible it alludes to it being a failed attempt to produce an infant Great One.
  • The Japanese name for this item is 'ローランの落とし子'.
    • '落とし子' means 'illegitimate child (of a nobleman)', which would fit the English 'Bastard'. It can also mean 'product' (of exempli gratia: war) or 'aftermath'. In this case: Product of Loran; Aftermath of Loran.