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The Saw Hunter Badge, the most readily available badge that can be found in the game.

Badges are Key Items in Bloodborne.


Badges are items that, though may seem worthless at first glance, actually hold a sort of value to the Messengers. Specifically the Bath Messengers, who will promptly expand their wares, allowing players to purchase items that are connected to the group that each specific badge belongs to.

Badges can be found in specific locations, are dropped by enemies/bosses in the game upon death, and can even be awarded by killing NPCs or completing their quests.

List of Badges[]


  • All badges can be acquired in a single playthrough.
  • All badges carry over through NG+.


  • Badges went on to inspire the concept of "Umbral Ashes" in Dark Souls 3. Upon finding specific types of Ash, players could deliver it to the Shrine Handmaiden to unlock additional wares from her shop.