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The Ashen Blood is a sickness mentioned in Bloodborne.


Ashen Blood was a baffling sickness that ravaged Old Yharnam long ago.[1] The symptoms were like poisoning, so Antidote was used to treat it, though it only provides short-term relief.

The excretion of the afflicted was poisonous and infectious, and the ashen blood ailment eventually triggered the spread of the beastly scourge. To prevent the sickness and the beastly scourge to reach Central Yharnam, Old Yharnam was burned to the ground by the Powder Kegs, and the entrance was sealed.

The Powder Keg Hunters, grieving the losses and feeling defeated[2] by the state of Old Yharnam, renounced their vows and started protecting the beasts from the hunters that would venture down to Old Yharnam.

To this day, the Ashen Blood afflicted still roam Old Yharnam in their beastly form.

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Known victims[]


  • Many believed that it was the Healing Church who brought the sickness to Old Yharnam, for, "They believe that medicine is not a means of treatment but rather a method for research, and that some knowledge can only be obtained by exposing oneself to sickness." - White Church Garb's description.
  • The excretion of the female Beast Patient is grey-purple like ash. Perhaps that is why it's called "Ashen Blood".



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