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The 1st Floor Sickroom is a location in Bloodborne.


The 1st Floor Sickroom is located within Iosefka's Clinic. It is where the Hunter wakes up at the beginning of the game. The clinic appears to be abandoned and a door is locked at one end of the room. After entering the Hunter's Dream, or dying for the first time, Iosefka will also lock the door to the room where the Hunter woke up. She will speak to the Hunter if the door is approached.

Iosefka's Clinic can be accessed through a back entrance, indirectly connected to a poisonous cave within the Forbidden Woods. It is located left of the area with dog cages where you would find the Beast Roar hunter tool.

The locked gate can be opened using a lever on the left. Down the back alley, there is a ladder which leads up a roof with Carrion Crows and a broken window leads to an entrance to the Clinic. Going right leads to where the player started, and a Celestial Minion can be found near the gurneys. Killing this enemy will drop a Iosefka's Vial. The Cainhurst Summons can be found on one of the gurneys, which can be taken to the obelisk in Hemwick Charnel Lane to gain access to Cainhurst Castle. And the locked door can be opened to access the 1st Sickroom lamp.

On the opposite end of the hallway, there is a room with a chest containing a Communion rune. A staircase branches off to the upstairs of the Clinic, where Iosefka can be found. Going upstairs before fighting Rom will lead to a fight with Iosefka, and as a result, she will drop a rune; if Iosefka is encountered after the Rom bossfight, she can be found on the gurney. By killing Iosefka in this situation, she will drop a piece of Umbilical Cord.

Iosefka's Experiments[]

When talking to Iosefka, she will ask the player for subjects for her experiments. Every NPC sent to Iosefka will yield a reward. When Iosefka's Clinic is entered from the back, there will be Celestial Minions for every character that was sent to the clinic. These enemies can be killed, which wlll leave an item specific to each NPC to the clinic.

  1. Lonely Old Dear: Sedative.
  2. Narrow Minded Man: Formless Oedon (1) rune.
  3. Arianna: Arianna's Shoes.
  4. Sister Adella: Numbing Mist; Oedon Writhe (1) rune.
  5. Afflicted Beggar: Beast Blood Pellets; Beast (2) rune.

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  • In the room where you find the Communion rune, you can find what seems to be a failed experiment of Imposter Iosefka, this failed experiment is an half formed Celestial Minion, this half formed Celestial Minion still has a human hand and blotches of human skin.
  • In the game's data the Scourge Beast that the player first encounter's in Iosefka's Clinic, was originally meant to be a unique weak Scourge Beast. Unlike what we got in the final game where the Scourge Beast in Iosefka's Clinic was just a standard one with its HP lowered.
    • Also another interesting thing to note relating to the data. There originally meant to be a unused Garden of Eyes outside of the Clinic. This Garden of Eyes has a unique item drop ID, but it seems like the item that it would have dropped is no longer in the game anymore.


How to get to the back entrance of Iosefka's Clinic.